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About us

JULS collections are entirely handmade, starting from the design of each prototype to the engraving, from the metal oxidation to the finishing touches.

The result is a series of unique pieces, slightly different from each other.

Their force lies in the contrast between their hand-brushed final touches and the precious stones inserts, or the combination of different materials, the speckling of a gemstone, or a subtle game of asymmetries.


Each of JULS pieces’ irregular shape is a mirror reflecting precious imperfections we find around us.

Within the beauty surrounding us, we find asymmetries and irregular surfaces, such as the consistent pattern of green meadows interrupted by a flower, the ups and downs of the arduous and unattainable summits, the continuous motion of the oceans, from calm to jagged, wherein rocks emerge with low tides, or extemporaneous clouds tainting otherwise clear blue skies.

save-new 6.JPG

In the same way as nature reveals its beauty through unevenness, reality is never completely perfect and uniform, but mostly consists of something that is almost complete, or semi-finished, therefore almost perfect. JULS collections are a tribute to those flaws, because elegance finds expression in those charming imperfections making each of us truly unique.

This concept captures the authentic soul and the distinctive character of the brand, the outcome of hours of dedication and manual work.


Giulia, originally from Padua, moved to Milan at the age of 19. After graduating from Università Luigi Bocconi, with a degree in Economics for Arts, Culture and Communication, she worked for several years within the luxury watches division of Richemont Group. In the meantime, she was pursuing a long held passion, by attending jewelry training and specialization courses at prestigious Orafa Ambrosiana School. Gradually acquiring her unique style, she launched her first jewelry collection in 2011, under the JULS brand.

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